Rapid Ferry Getaways

Harbor Island day trip

184.00 adults  kids under 12 years 124.00

boat departs at 8am and arrives at 11am

returns from Harbor Is. at 3:40pm and arrives in Nassau at 6:40pm

Round Trip service from Nassau to Harbour Island

high speed ferry from nassau to Harbor Island

Authentic Bahamian lunch

Historical Tour of the centuries old town and buildings(using golf cart all day 2 per cart)

Pink Sand beach experience

Round trip transportation from Paradise Island and Cable Beach hotels(for day away package only)

Harbour Island or “Briland” as known by it’s residents it one of the oldest settlement’s in the Bahamas and once served as the Bahamas first capital. The first settlement was founded over 300 years ago almost 100 years before United states became a nation.

The early adventuring residents of this 3 mile long and 1 mile wide island were skilled shipbuilders and farmers. In the late 1800 Dunmore Town became a respectable shipbuilding and sugar refinement center.

Sugar refinement became a important skill in the early part of this century when alcohol was outlawed in the United States. Dunmore Town went into full production refining sugar and producing Rum, understandably it was a very popular place. Although the sugar and Run are no longer produced

Harbour Islad is still very popular among the adventuring traveler. What 300 years of history has left behind is one of the most charming Islands in the Bahamas.

Strolling through Dunmore Town one can feel quite relaxed and charmed by the warm and friendly “Brilanders” and the quaint New England Loyalist architecture complete with white picket fences. As if this isn’t enough Harbour Island also features one of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

The powdery pink sand beaches of Harbour Island are thought of by many as being one of the finest in all of the Bahamas. While you are on Harbour Island ask the residents for directions to the “hill steps” which were cut out by prisoners with a underground tunnel from the cove to Rock House. You might also want to visit Titus Hole, a cave with a open mouth that overlooks the harbour and is said to be the first jail of Harbour Island.

Transportation only

adults 125.00 kids under 12 years 85.00

there is no pick up for this package

boat departs at 8am and arrives at 11am

returns from Harbor Is. at 3:40pm and arrives in Nassau at 6:40pm